Feature List

Teleprompter Pro offers a suite of tools designed to enhance your production workflow, live streams, presentations, meetings and more.

Compose & Edit Scripts
Import Documents5 Documents
Compatible With Mirror Teleprompters
Export Scripts.txt & .prompt.rtf, .txt & .prompt
Cloud Sync
Customisable Defaults
Folders & Rearrange
Rich Text & Fonts
Mirror Text
Video Recording (No Watermark/Logo)
Timed Scrolling
Timer Clocks
Cue Indicator
Paging Scroll Mode
Adjustable Margins
Background Colour
Text Colour
Text Size
Cue Points
External Display Mode
Connect to an External Display
Transparent WindowMac Only
Video Calls
Presentation ControllersBasic ControlFully Customisable
Keyboard ControlBasic ControlFully Customisable
Gaming Controllers
Foot PedalsBasic ControlFully Customisable
Device Control
WiFi / LAN Control
Apple Watch Control
Export SRT Captions