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Teleprompter Premium is the best and professional teleprompter software for iOS and Mac.

You can import your scripts in seconds, or compose a fully formatted script ready to read in just moments.

Teleprompter Premium fits almost any workflow with a choice of scrolling and control options.

Control the scrolling remotely with any Bluetooth keyboard, iOS compatible gaming controller, or Bluetooth handheld presentation remote.

150,000+ happy customers and thousands of five-star ratings. Teleprompter Premium is used by television and movie studios including ABC, CBS, BBC, Fox, ITV, Channel 4, UKTV and many more.

The Best Teleprompter Software for Mac and iOS

The teleprompter app used by studios, TV, YouTubers, Influencers and more.

Manny Valencia
5-star for price vs performance
"The price vs performance is hard to beat.I own several software many times more expensive than this. This does the job well."
Media Maven
The best app purchase you will make
"If you need an IOS teleprompter app, this is it! I bought this for a last minute production that needed a Teleprompter software solution. I was amazed at how well everything worked- Teleprompter Premium did everything it said it could. I was able to download scripts from the Dropbox folder I shared with my client, effortlessly control the iPad app with my iPhone, and quickly set up the iPad mirroring. It is so rare to find a developer that makes this solid a product. Kudos to the developer!"
Excellent app
"I absolutely love this app. It works perfectly for me on my iPad Pro. Very user friendly, easy to understand. I record a lot of videos for my job. I highly recommend this app."
Rick from San Clemente
Why mess with cheaper apps?
"Great value. I’ve downloaded other free apps and it’s a waste of time. This app has all the features you need, works flawlessly and easily, and for me, the remote control compatibility is an important feature. Editing text is easy and versatile. No throubles importing text. I highly recommend this app."
Brilliant app
"It's the most versatile telepromter app yet. Easy and quick to use. Recommend for professional looking vlogging, presenting etc."
The BEST Teleprompter App
"TelePrompTer Premium is the best teleprompter app sold in the App Store. Having downloaded several other apps before finding this TelePrompTer Premium I was disappointed with the competitors’ design and capabilities. As an online professor who records video lectures, TelePrompTer Premium provided the tools I needed to record professional lectures to provide my students with quality content. Excellent product, very fairly priced, and easy to use. I would to commend to anyone, whether an online professor like myself or a social media personality/ YouTuber. You will not regret buying this app!!"
Perfect for my use!
"Thank you for this app. I have been using another app for years, but it’s not been working well and in desperation I purchased your app. Needless to say, I love it so much more than the previous app I was using."
Agent daisy
Simple and value for money
"What do you get for this price? A coffee and a sandwich or a great little app that makes doing a theatre presentation as easy as. No problems at all getting the least tech-minded speaker to use it. Recommended."

Use Teleprompter Premium...

For Professional Video Production

Compatible with any iPad or iPhone "beam splitter" teleprompter rig, Telepromtper Premium is the best option for professional video production.

Use Teleprompter Premium...

For Public Speaking & Performances

Never forget what to say next. Teleprompter Premium is a perfect companion when you're on-stage, or delivering that important speech.

Use Teleprompter Premium...

For Radio, Podcasts & Voice Work

Be more professional for your audience or clients. Telepromtper Premium is a great assistane for your shows and client projects.

Use Teleprompter Premium...

For Better Selfie Videos

Be more prepared and professional in your videos. Record videos directly inside Teleprompter Premium using the front-facing camera on your device.

Professional Features

Teleprompter Premium is a fully featured teleprompter solution for all needs, with reliable pro tools at your fingertips.


Scripts & Documents

Compose & Edit Scripts

Compose and edit your video scripts with the built-in script composer.

Import Documents

Import files easily from your computer or any of your favourite apps or services.
Word .pdf .rtf .txt .prompt
.pdf .rtf .txt .prompt

Export Scripts

Export script files to other devices.
.rtf .txt .prompt
.rtf .txt .prompt

Cloud Sync

Synchronise your scripts between all of your devices on all platforms automatically.
(Can be disabled to keep your scripts offline)

Customisable Defaults

Set custom default script settings that will apply to all newly created and imported scripts.

Customise & Rearrange

Re-arrange your scripts by title, date or arrange them in a custom order and switch between icon and list views.

Rich Text & Fonts

Make rich text edits such as Bold, Italic, Underline and text colours throughout your scripts, as well as a choice of fonts for the script text.

Teleprompter Functions

Mirror Text

Reverse the teleprompter text to use in professional "beam splitter" mirror hardware.

Video Recording

Use your device camera to record as you read your script.
With QuickTime or another recording app

Timed Scrolling

Set an amount for your script to scroll from start to finish.

Timer Clocks

Display clocks with information for elapsed time and remaining time based on your scroll speed.

Paging Scroll Mode

Advance through your text in a series of pages as an alternative to continuous scrolling.

Adjustable Margins

Add margins to the side of your script to help reduce eye movement or better fit your beam splitter glass.

Background Colour

Set a custom background color for any of your scripts.

Text Colour

Adjust the colour of the teleprompter text.

Text Size

Adjust the size of the teleprompter text to best suit your needs of setup.

Cue Points

Insert multiple cue points in your script to jump to different positions.

External Display Mode

Show the teleprompter text on an external display without the on-screen controls. Mirror the text only on the external display while monitoring on your device.

Connect to an External Display

Show the app on a basic connected external display.

Transparent Window

Make the Teleprompter background transparent so you can read you text while seeing through to other apps behind Teleprompter, such as a video meeting or presentation.

Video Calls

Use the Teleprompter while you're in a video meeting such as a Zoom call or Google Meet.
via Slide Over or Split View

Remote Control Options

Presentation Controllers

Control the Teleprompter with a compatible handheld presentation remote or 'clicker'.

Keyboard Control

Control the Teleprompter with keyboard shortcuts.

Gaming Controllers

Control the Teleprompter with a compatible gaming controller.

Foot Pedals

Control the Teleprompter with a compatible foot pedal.

Device Control

Use other nearby devices to monior and control the Teleprompter via Bluetooth.

WiFi / LAN Control

Control the Teleprompter from any web browser on the same WiFi network or LAN.

Apple Watch Control

Control the Teleprompter from Apple Watch.
iPhone Only

Present Seamlessly in Your Video Meetings

Use Teleprompter Premium during a Zoom meeting or other video call using the Slide Over feature on iPadOS. Just drop Teleprompter Premium beside the camera.

Slide Over support on iPadOS varies between different calling apps.

Teleprompter Premium on Mac works great for Zoom meetings and other video calls too. Learn more about using Teleprompter for Zoom on Mac.

A Truly Versatile Solution

Teleprompter Premium fits almost any workflow with a choice of scrolling options.

Option 1

Continuous Scrolling

Scroll through your text continuously like a traditional teleprompter. You can pause or adjust the speed as your text scrolls.

Scrolling, speed and direction can be controlled remotely

Option 2

Timed Scrolling

Specify an amount of time that you'd like your text to scroll from start to finish within. The speed is automatically calculated for you.

Scrolling can be started and paused remotely

Option 3

Paging Mode

Similar to a slideshow presentation, your script scrolls forwards in a series of pages which you can advance through.

Scrolling to next/previous page can be controlled remotely

Option 4

Drag to Scroll

Simply drag the text with your finger as you read. This is the simplest and easiest method to scroll your script.

Can be manually scrolled from another nearby device

Versions & Pricing

Try Teleprompter Premium for for iOS, Mac or Android.

on the App Store
on the Mac App Store
Free to download and use with simple demo features
Free to download and use with simple demo features

$19.99/year Premium Upgrade to unlock all features, with full access to iOS and Mac versions, including Video Teleprompter.

Also available individually with one-time purchase.

P Heath
Simple to use, works seamlessly
"Having used other free versions, I was skeptical about what else I was going to get for my money. I am delighted with the my purchase.

The Pro version provides me with multiple formats to load my scripts. I have full control over editing, both before I press play and even during play. Such an easy process! There are as many fonts as you could ever want, though some are just much better for reading than others, and a myriad of font sizes to suit all eyes.... too much choice!!

So many useful features that make working with this product seamless. The opacity option, so I can see what others will see whilst still reading from the prompter; mirroring any way you like; storing scripts for future use; tap to scroll; timed scrolling is a vital feature...

All in all, this app makes following scripts within videos as simple as you could possibly want without compromising in any way on the quality. An easy 5 stars"
Solved all my problems
"Up till this one, using a teleprompter on my iPad has been one frustration on top of another." "This app solved everything. The controls and views via a second iOS device are great (I now have the camera person controlling the speed), the speed of response between devices is perfect, the ability to edit is good and I am one happy camper. Great job. I highly recommend this."
Life saver
"Question......What do you do when your TelePrompTer lets you down? Answer.... Download Teleprompter premium!! easy to use and upload you document in a matter of minutes, saved my life at short notice, highly recommended."
Matthew Tyler-Howells
Works well, good support
"At first glance, it's just another teleprompter app. But when you start to use it, you realise that unlike other apps, it works ideal to your own needs.

I purchased a simple Bluetooth controller (Logitech R500) to go alongside this app, and they work quite well! The remote's simplicity is not a problem since the app functions just as well.

I love the choice of fonts, there are quite a few. It also has traditional mirroring options, although my iPhone is attached to a clamp above my camera lens. On that note, there is the ability to record scripted videos in-app, which seems to do the job (haven't used it much).

And massive props to Joe for the amazing support and quick responses, as well as taking full responsibility for the app by taking on customer feedback and keeping the app updated.

Overall, this is a good teleprompter app (which also has cloud sync and can be controlled by a second Apple device) and it's perfect for anything! Still getting round the app but so far everything is looking good."
Suits The Purpose In Simplicity and Functionality
"For all you older less than tech savvy individuals like myself, this is the app for you. It is straightforward and user friendly. I am ready to create my first video and instead of being nervous about it, I am confident and looking forward to the new adventure."
Essential kit
"I found this essential when recording presentation videos. It is clear and easy to use and with a bit of practice gives that professional edge to my videos"